Terms and conditions

Those who book a service through Hereke Travel are bound by the following as this constitutes full acceptance of these general terms and conditions by both our company and our esteemed clients/guests.


On our price lists there are two different rates as “regular / seat-in-coach” and “private” ones. The main difference between these two is that there may be some other participants as well in a regular tour, whereas private tours are made without any others than the clients who have booked it.

Though private tours are relatively more expensive they are more convenient and flexible for the people who are keen on their privacy. Due to the fact that our regular tours can be booked until the very last moment we can never give you the exact number of the tour participants when asked in advance.

It is also nature of the regular tours to combine some different tours having the same itineraries and therefore the guides and vehicles may be replaced with others at the time of touring.

Our private rates are given for up to 9 persons and if there become 10 or more participants a special rate will be given.

All the tax exclusive rates are given in Euro Currency.

Euro buying rate of the Central Bank on the tour commencement day is taken into consideration on our invoices.

All the tour rates include guidance in English (Private tours can be carried out on the required language with a guidance fee surcharge), air-conditioned transportation and admission fees as specified on the itinerary, if otherwise noted. Depending on the situation we can use a guide who can also drive at the same time or a separate guide and a chauffeur.

Daily tours' rates do not include airport pick-up and drop-off fees. Timings given for the daily tours are approximate ones and they are all subject to change. Pick-up times may vary depending on the number of the participants and hotel locations.

While all care has been taken to ensure that all the quoted prices are correct, circumstances beyond the control of Hereke Travel may necessitate a change in the prices quoted. Hereke Travel reserves the right to adjust the price of any travel arrangements at any time due to the increases in the cost of airfares, tours, exchange rate fluctuations, fuel surcharges, value added tax, etc. However, the quoted prices are guaranteed upon the receipt of full payment. Any further taxes to be imposed by the government further to the release of this Confidential Tariff may also cause the rates to change.
Our rates do not include passport and visa charges, travel and medical health insurance (This is recommended to be obtained in the origin country), excess baggage, all items not specifically mentioned as being included, and all items of personal nature such as laundry, telephone and other communication costs, all the beverages also including bottled water, tea and coffee, meals not detailed in the itinerary, and gratuities. Tips to the guides and drivers are customary and are left to the discretion of the guests.

Discount is made for children between 6 - 8 years old while 0 - 5 years old ones are free on all the tours even if these tours are daily ones.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the tour vehicles. However, frequent stops are made so that smoking breaks may be taken outside the vehicles.
The payments can be made through one of the following methods:

Wire transfer to one of our account numbers the details of which can be obtained on request. All bank charges and fees need to be debited to the sender.

By a credit card through VISA or MasterCard. You may be billed in Turkish Lira at the current exchange rate and therefore the Euro currency amount you authorize might be slightly different than quoted by you on your credit card statement report due to fluctuations on the currency rates and the conversion commissions that may be charged by your bank.

By cash in person at our Göreme office. We are happy to accept Turkish Lira, US Dollars or Euro

Euro and US Dollar currency buying rate of the Central Bank on the tour commencement day is taken into consideration on our invoices. The pre-payments made in Turkish Lira should also reflect the Euro currency buying rate of the Central Bank on the payment date.

At regular tours, as a general practice, pick up time on the tour commencement day varies according to the location of guest’s hotel. The guests who arrive at the hotel before pick up time, should wait until the pick-up time.

On our regular tours, the drop off time is given approximately. Those who are scheduled to fly after the tour can be taken to the airport for an extra fee if they wish and no responsibility is assumed for the long waiting hours at the airports or train stations (We recommend private tours for such cases or drop-off plans at the city centers with a further extra transfer service)

Regular tours are offered from only central city hotels and an additional transfer fee can be requested depending on the location of the hotels.

All our services are provided until the predetermined hours. If customers request other services beyond the specified time, Hereke Tavel will collect this directly from them, unless confirmed and charged at an earlier stage.

Hereke Tavel regrets, but cannot be responsible for any damage or injury to participants while touring - unless the shortcoming is caused by our company.
The notice of cancellations by participants should be given in writing, and all such cancellations will be effective on the date the written notification is received.

In the event of cancellation by a participant sharing same accommodation, the rate charged to the remaining participant will have to be increased to the “Single Occupancy” rate, unless we can arrange for a Shared Accommodation.

Cancellation fees / charges are agreed to be “Liquidated Damages”, and not a penalty. Deposit towards a tour constitutes full acceptance of these “General Terms & Conditions” and to the Cancellation Policy.

The Cancellation Fees, in addition to any applicable Airline Penalties, are as follows:

  • If a booking is cancelled more than 15 days prior to the scheduled departure, full payment shall be refunded upon receipt of the cancellation notice, that is, zero cancellation fee.
  • If cancelled 7 -14 days prior to departure, the cancellation fee shall be 10% of the total cost (90% refund)
  • If cancelled 2 - 13 days prior to departure, the cancellation fee shall be 50% of the total cost (50% refund)
  • If cancelled less than 2 full days prior to departure, the cancellation fee shall be 100% of the total cost, that is, no refund.
  • Since tour rates are based on group participation / or minimum person requirements, NO REFUNDS can be made for any services or any part of the program not used, for the cancellations made within the last 48 hours prior to the service commencement date.
  • Some hotels may also charge cancellation fee for the bookings cancelled within the last 30-45 days prior to the check-in date. If such a remark is noted on our confirmation sheet this hotel fee will also be charged in full regardless what is standing above.
  • If the cancellations are made due to the obligatory reasons like force-majeure situations beyond the control of the participants our company can be flexible on this issue as to charge only the expenses imposed on to us by the third parties or may waive any of the cancellation charges depending on the situation.
Hereke Travel is a mobility-friendly travel company and carries out specific private services for differently-abled people. However, we do not offer regular/seat-in-coach services as such tours are carried out in a speedy tempo and with limited space availability due to the participation of many other guests.
Travelling with a baby is a great fun for the families and therefore we, as Hereke Travel, are available to supply you with a baby seat on our services commencing in Cappadocia free of charge (this is an extra charge on the rental car services supplied by the rental car companies though). However, there may be extra charges at the other locations. Baby seat request should be made 7 days prior to the service commencement date as otherwise such an extra service cannot be guaranteed.
The information submitted to Hereke Travel with regards to the names of the guests and age of children should reflect the passport information. We take no responsibility for any inconvenience stemming from the submission of the false information. The airlines may deny boarding if the booking and passport names do not match.
All rights of this Confidential Tariff are reserved. Except for the quotation of short passages for the purposes of criticism and review, no part of this tariff may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of Hereke Travel.
You can contact us via info@hereketravel.com to exercise your rights listed above.